What we do

This website contains information, essays, research and links centered around fatal taserings conducted by law enforcement officers across the United States between 2001 and 2013.

The current total of fatalities as of October 13, 2013 is 618.

Due to the difficulties involved in finding out about fatal police taserings, this website does not claim that every such tasering between 2001 and October 13, 2013 is on our lists. In fact, since the list was finalized an unlisted fatal tasering which occurred during this period was located. This was the case of Ryan Myers, 40, who suffered from bipolar disorder and died after being tasered 10 times by Baltimore County police in Maryland in March of 2007.

Given the expanding rate at which police use tasers on victims, the saturation of police forces carrying tasers, and the increasingly broad reasons police will shock suspects or disobedient persons with tasers we expect the number of deaths to continue to rise.